Succinct, pragmatic commercial advice delivered in a timely manner
Pinesgate East, Bath - Gems Group
Pinesgate East, Bath - Gems Group

Our acquisition advice enables you to make an informed decision about your proposed purchase - both in regards to physical condition and also wider issues such as suitability to fulfil your current and future needs. In addition, our comprehensive survey reports are tailored towards your exact requirements to take on board any development or investment considerations.

We undertake pre-acquisition surveys on all types of commercial, residential, leisure and retail buildings for investment or occupational purpose. When required, we recommend and co-ordinate the services of other professional and specialist consultants to ensure the production of comprehensive reports within a timely manner in order to safe guard against future liabilities.

We identify client's needs for succinct, pragmatic advice in a timely manner - often dictated to by vendors or the legal process. We therefore pride ourselves on our rapid response philosophy which has enabled us to undertake investment surveys on behalf of demanding organisations such as Close Brothers.

What sets us apart from other consultancies is the simplicity in which we present our findings. Transactions are complicated enough and in a fast turnaround where key detail is critical, you want to know that you can rely upon a set format of report where specific issues are summarised in a clear and succinct manner.