Concentrating on delivering robust Exit Strategies via early intervention
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As an occupier relocating your business to a new property, it is likely that your attention will be on maintaining your business objectives, the new premises and the physical relocation itself. The one area that often gets overlooked by all those concerned with property disposal is that of the likely claim for dilapidations.

In a market where landlords are tightening their grasp on all costs associated with their investment, early intervention is well advised in order to mitigate all costs associated with the likely claim for dilapidations from the landlord. By discussing your disposal with us at the earliest possible time, a full strategy can be devised to assess all options available, including undertaking a scope of mitigation works, early dialogue with the landlord to broker a favourable settlement or forming a traditional defence to any claim levied by the landlord to ensure a robust and substantiated negotiating position is established to mitigate you financial and risk exposure.

We have established and proven track record acting on behalf of occupiers to mitigate their overall costs. With early intervention, we have been proven to effectively reduce any landlords claim by in excess of 95%.