Our Dilapidations Strategies are robust and results driven
  • Highgate Studios, London
  • Magnet, Transit Way, Plymouth - Forthrite Limited
  • 1700 Aztec West, Bristol - Coors Brewers

Our specialist Dilapidations Consultancy is second to none. We are a results driven practice whereby our entrenched experience brings unrivalled benefits to our client’s dilapidation matters.

But why take our word for it? All consultancies within this highly contentious field of expertise promote claims of results and experience. Our difference is that our client’s themselves actively promote us:

We decided to use 3SIXTY initially because of their interesting and thoughtful approach to our need for specialist advice on two sets of dilapidation negotiations in London and Bristol. They not only delivered on their pitch but also performed brilliantly on the essentials of negotiation and practical advice. Their tactics are robust and positive, and they kept us informed at every stage. I have no hesitation in fully recommending 3SIXTY and will use them again wherever possible.
Iain Pelling, Managing Director, Darlow Smithson Productions and Tigress Productions -
an Endemol UK Plc company

As an independent consultancy we genuinely recognise that client retention by delivering results is paramount to our success.

By utilising the skills of our cross discipline team, our Dilapidations Consultancy draws upon the expert experience of our Building Surveying, Valuation and Asset management colleagues to ensure a factual and robust service is offered, therefore securing the very best results. By establishing ourselves free from transactional business, we can truly call ourselves independent and specialists within a dynamic and demanding industry.

Whenever there are landlord and tenant relationships, there are dilapidation considerations. As owners and occupiers work harder to derive value from their property holdings, in an increasingly competitive market the physical condition of a property at the end of a lease requires careful consideration and expert, early advice.