An indispensible tool for effective property management
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An effective Planned Maintenance Strategy is a valuable tool for any management company, investor, organisation or individual tasked with the liability for repair, upkeep, renewal and compliance of property. This strategy becomes ever more indispensible where there is a requirement to demonstrate value for money - particularly where Service Charge obligations are a factor.

The foundations of an effective strategy is the Planned Maintenance Schedule, quantifying a programme of works to the building structure, fabric and services over a period of between 5 and 20 years. A quality, well considered and succinct Schedule will provide a bespoke plan of action for a building to ensure that it is maintained and enhanced.

The tangible benefit to this is, predictably, an uplift in investment value. A well maintained and considered property is a desirable property and one for which, ultimately, will be at the top of occupiers wish list - whether commercial or residential.

As well as being generally more desirable, a well managed building will generally suffer from fewer unforeseen problems and therefore will expose occupiers to less financial liability. In turn, this will double-up in financial savings with the longer term benefit of less consequential damage to the building due to poorly maintained fabric.

Finally, a well managed building maintained in a good and pro-active manner will create an enhanced feeling of ownership with the occupiers with each wanting to "do their bit" as opposed to allowing to spiral into disrepair.

At 3SIXTY, we are well placed to provide a comprehensive and workable Strategy to assist you in the effective and successful management of your portfolio. We act for a host of commercial and residential block management companies across the UK.